Title: THE MEASURE OF A MAN, Author: Norman Duncan
Title: THE TALE OF BENNY BADGER (Illustrated), Author: Arthur Scott Bailey
Title: THE TALE OF BUSTER BUMBLEBEE (Illustrated), Author: Arthur Scott Bailey
Title: Three Early Plays by EUGENE O'NEILL, Author: Eugene O'Neill
Title: A History of England in the Eighteenth Century - Volume VI, Author: William Lecky
Title: The Art of Aubrey Beardsley, Author: Arthur Symons
Title: AVE, Author: George Moore
Title: THE RANIDAE: How To Breed, Feed And Raise the Edible Frog, Author: F. E. Bierbrier
Title: AUDREY (Illustrated), Author: Mary Johnston
Title: The Outdoor Girls At Rainbow Lake (Illustrated), Author: Laura Lee Hope
Title: Scenes From 'Politian', Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Title: THE LITTLE ILIAD, Author: Maurice Hewlett
Title: Five Little Starrs in an Island Cabin, Author: Lillian Elizabeth Roy
Title: THE FALSE COUNT, OR, A New Way To play an old GAME, Author: Aphra Behn
Title: A Round Dozen, Author: Susan Coolidge
Title: THE PROFESSOR'S MYSTERY (Illustrated), Author: Wells Hastings
Title: THE EARLY BIRD - A Business Man's Love Story (Illustrated), Author: George Randolph Chester
Title: DAN'L BOREM, Author: E. N-s W-t-t (pseud.)
Title: THE LIFE OF CNÆUS JULIUS AGRICOLA, Author: Cornelius Tacitus
Title: THE LONG ROLL (Illustrated), Author: Mary Johnston

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