Title: The Voice of Anna Julia Cooper: Including A Voice From the South and Other Important Essays, Papers, and Letters / Edition 1, Author: Charles Lemert
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Title: The History of Commercial Partnerships in the Middle Ages: The First Complete English Edition of Weber's Prelude to The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and Economy and Society / Edition 216, Author: Max Weber
Title: Tally's Corner: A Study of Negro Streetcorner Men / Edition 2, Author: Elliot Liebow
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Title: Ethnomethodology's Program: Working Out Durkheim's Aphorism / Edition 1, Author: Harold Garfinkel
Title: Making Sense of America: Sociological Analyses and Essays / Edition 1, Author: Herbert J. Gans
Title: Roads From Past To Future / Edition 1, Author: Charles Tilly
Title: The Ethics of Modernity: Formation and Transformation in Britain, France, Germany, and the USA / Edition 296, Author: Richard Munch
Title: Goffman's Legacy / Edition 1, Author: Javier A. Trevino