Title: Deli Man: The Movie
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Title: How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: The Secrets of Good Communication, Author: Larry King
Title: The People's Princess: Cherished Memories of Diana, Princess of Wales, From Those Who Knew Her Best, Author: Larry King
Title: Powerful Prayers: Conversations on Faith, Hope, and the Human Spirit with Today's Most Provocative People, Author: Larry King
Title: Truth Be Told: Off the Record about Favorite Guests, Memorable Moments, Funniest Jokes, and a Half Century of Asking Questions, Author: Larry King
Title: My Dad and Me: A Heartwarming Collection of Stories about Fathers from a Host of Larry's Famous Friends, Author: Larry King
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Title: The Best from New Mexico Kitchens, Author: Sheila MacNiven Cameron
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Title: Moon Over Manhattan: Mystery & Mayhem, Author: Larry King
Title: Remember Me When I'm Gone: The Rich and Famous Write Their Own Epitaphs and Obituaries, Author: Larry King
Title: BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT: Letters and Essays from the Famous and Infamous on the True Legal Definition of Guilt in America's Courtrooms, Author: Larry King
Title: Alice the Alligator, Author: Bryce Larry King
Title: Anything Goes!: What I've Learned from Pundits, Politicians, and Presidents, Author: Larry King
Title: The Big Question, Author: Nick Nanton
Title: My Friend Des-Ta-Te, Author: Bryce Larry King
Title: WHY I LOVE BASEBALL, Author: Larry King
Title: Positive Thinking - The law of attraction. Advanced affirmation. Stop Worrying!, Author: Larry King
Title: Future Talk: Conversations About Tomorrow with Today's Most Provocative Personalities, Author: Larry King