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Title: Make Your Own Erasers, Author: L.J. Tracosas
Title: Hot Wheels Unleash the Beasts: A Street Race: A Look-Through Storybook, Author: L.J. Tracosas
Title: White House Winners: What You Don't Know About the Presidents, Author: Scholastic
Title: The Cursed Castle: An Escape Room in a Book, Author: L.J. Tracosas Pre-Order Now
Title: Creature Files: Dinosaurs: Look into the Jaws of 20 Ferocious Dinosaurs, Author: L.J. Tracosas
Title: Creature Files Predators: Discover 20 of Nature's Most Ferocious Hunters, Author: L.J. Tracosas
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Title: WWE Kicking Down Doors: Female Superstars Are Ruling the Ring and Changing the Game!, Author: L. J. Tracosas Pre-Order Now
Title: Amazing World: Bugs: Get To Know 20 Crazy Bugs, Author: L.J. Tracosas