Title: Vector to Destiny: Journey of a Vietnam F-4 Fighter Pilot, Author: George W. Kohn
Title: Sunrise in Florence, Author: Kathleen Reid
Title: The Super Couple: A Formula for Extreme Happiness in Marriage, Author: Christine Bacon Ph.D.
Title: Benjamin - The Road to Capernaum, Author: John Koehler
Title: Almost Mortal, Author: Christopher Leibig
Title: Lethal Injection, Author: Perry Miller
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Granted, Author: Angela Correll
Title: BUSH BLUES: The Adventures of Alaska's Police Chief Snow, Author: Sheldon Schmitt
Title: The Palm Reader, Author: Christopher Bowron
Title: NAKED TRUTH: A Thriller, Author: Rick Pullen
Title: Mary Lincoln's Flannel Pajamas: And Other Stories From the First Ladies' Closet, Author: Feather Schwartz Foster
Title: 50 Shades of Cabernet: A Mysterious Anthology, Author: Various Authors
Title: The Confessional, Author: Reiny Pierson
Title: Pocket Guide to Publishing: 100 Things Authors Should Know, Author: John L. Koehler
Title: Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy, Author: R. Scott Boyer
Title: Country Boy, City Boy: A Journey that Ain't Over Yet, Author: James Cooley
Title: Gil, Author: Darin Gibby
Title: Chasing Hindy: A Novel Invention, Author: Darin Gibby
Title: Club Saigon, Author: Martin Robert Grossman
Title: What Great Teams Do Great: How Ordinary People Accomplish the Extraordinary, Author: David Wheatley

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