Title: Ruthless and Rotten: Say U Promise II, Author: Michel Moore
Title: Heaven Bound, Author: Montre Bible
Title: The Millionaire Mistress, Author: Tiphani Montgomery
Title: Turning Point, Author: Edd McNair
Title: The Baddest Chick, Author: Alastair J. Hatter
Title: Ice Cream for Freaks, Author: Dejon
Title: The Conglomerate: A Luxurious Tale, Author: Danielle Santiago
Title: Scared Money, Part 1, Author: JaQuavis Coleman
Title: My Woman His Wife, Author: Anna J.
Title: Millionaire Mistress 3: Chloe's Revenge, Author: Tiphani Montgomery
Title: My Woman, His Wife 3: Playing for Keeps, Author: Anna J
Title: Secrets of a Housewife, Author: J. Tremble
Title: Biker Chick, Author: Dakota Knight
Title: More Secrets More Lies, Author: J. Tremble
Title: Taboo 2: Locked In, Author: Yoshe
Title: Amaryllis, Author: Nikita Lynnette Nichols
Title: NY's Finest: Masquerade, Author: Sam Black
Title: Daddy's House, Author: Azarel
Title: My Man, Her Son, Author: J. Tremble
Title: Naughty Little Angel, Author: J. Tremble

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