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Title: Medical Bacteriology, Author: Bhanu Shrivastava
Title: The Ram Accelerator in Sub-Detonative Velocity Regimes, Author: Tarek Bengherbia
Title: How Effective are Non-Monetary Employee Retention Strategies?, Author: Iretomiwa Oluwole
Title: The Sanson Family of Executioners, Author: David Kubilus
Title: Introduction to Special Education, Author: Sotco Komba
Title: Integrated Web Application of Bioinformatics for Format Conversions, Author: Jayshree Advani
Title: The Efficacy of Florida's Approach to ESOL Teacher Training Programs, Author: Jr. Ronald Simmons
Title: Statistical Analysis using SAS and SPSS Software, Author: Shekhmous Hussen
Title: Vastu Shastra and the Patterns of Traditional Houses of Iran, Author: Fazeli Hengameh
Title: A Hand Book on MicroStation Software for GIS Applications, Author: Choudhury Moharana
Title: Dynamic analysis of landing gear, Author: Kiran Christopher
Title: Diffusion of social media among public relations practitioners, Author: MacKenzie Liptak
Title: A Review Of Campfire Program After Two Decades Of Implementation, Author: Believe Tevera
Title: Propuestas tecnológicas para la ceba del ganado ovino, Author: Borroto Angela
Title: The Symbolic Dimension, Author: Katia Tiutiunnik
Title: Manual de Finanzas, Author: Carlos Fernandez
Title: Thanatological intervention through anticipatory grief management, Author: Ana Laura Reyes
Title: Teaching sustainability: modern challenges, Author: Eugene Eteris
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Title: Teacher-Student-Parent Relationship, Author: Fatima Bali Zemzemi
Title: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)- The Facts about Primary & Secondary Care, Author: Muhammad Shahid Nazir

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