Title: Myths and Archetypes in
Title: Letters Home: A Jewish Chaplain's Vietnam Memoir, Author: Sheldon Lewis
Title: The Pious Impiety of Agrippa's Magic, Author: Noel Putnik
Title: Students' Conceptual Understanding of Quantum Physics at College, Author: Bayram Akarsu
Title: A Study on Gap Analysis of Health Care Services, Author: Fernandes Everil
Title: The Discovery of Interprofessional Team Learning, Author: Chatalalsingh Carole
Title: Mastitis in dairy cows, Author: Kovác Gabriel
Title: White Teachers/Black Students, Author: Denise Erskine-Meusa
Title: Charging stations for electric cars, Author: Chiara Vilnai
Title: The Effect of Lifestyle on Cancer, Author: Mahdi Manoochehri
Title: The Other Side of Cancer: A Husband's Story, Author: Hendrik Jacobus Van der Merwe
Title: The Psychology of Adolescence, Author: Marisen Mwale
Title: Basics of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Author: Muthuraman Subbiah
Title: Sovereign Wealth Funds, Author: Nica Ncanha
Title: Sensory Integration Therapy in Children with ASD, Author: Vandana Rathod
Title: Traditional Indian Textile, Author: Gupta Meenakshi
Title: Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Terbium Manganese Oxide, Author: Arash A Samimi
Title: Risks Related to the Maritime Transportation of of Oil and Gas, Author: Razmjooee Yarmohammad
Title: An Introduction to Marine Biology and Ecology, Author: Dr. P. K. Mehta

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