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Title: Russia and the WTO: Reasons for the delay in the accession process, Author: Sandra Scharf
Title: True Sale Securitization: Germany and China, Author: Shengzhe Wang
Title: Schema Matching and Mapping-based Data Integration: Architecture, Approaches and Evaluation, Author: Do Hong Hai
Title: The WTO and other non-tax treaties: Aspects of Taxation, Author: Iris Schlatzer
Title: Flexible User Interface - FLUSI: An architecture for a context-aware user interface, Author: Jan Conrad
Title: The Foundations of Mathematics, Author: Frank Ramsey
Title: Principles of Political Economy, Author: Thomas Robert Malthus
Title: The Impacts of International Terrorism on International Trade: Global Business Strategies for Multinational Corporations, Author: Sascha A. Peters
Title: Memorial of Alfred Marshall, Author: Alfred Marshall
Title: Lessons in Electricity, Author: John Tyndall
Title: Libor Market Model, Author: Irina Goetsch
Title: Calling the Customer: Factors that determine a successful outsourcing relationship, Author: R. Maria Kimme
Title: Technical Trading Rules: Empirical Evidence from Future Data, Author: Philipp Jan Siegert
Title: M&A in Mainland China, Author: Tim Brueckner
Title: Advergaming and In-Game Advertising: An Approach to the next Generation of Advertising, Author: Gerald Marolf
Title: International Joint Ventures in China: Intercultural problems. Management Process, Author: Michael Amtmann
Title: Management of an ageing workforce: How employers can deal with related challenges, Author: Daniel Smentek
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Title: New Ways for Lean Management: A Principal Agent Model with Respect to Human Capital, Author: Stefan Georg Hunger
Title: Supply Chain Performance, Collaboration, and Stability Measurement: Development of a Model for the Automotive Industry, Author: Michael Seitz

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