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Title: Gospel Magic for Preachers, Author: Andrew Thompson
Title: General Psychology a Book for College and University Students, Author: Koech Peter Kibet
Title: Repairing Injustice: Reparations and Slavery in The United States, Author: Carolyn Council
Title: GMP/GACP - new standards for quality assurance of cannabis, Author: Mirela Ilikj
Title: Scorpion Hemocytes: A Comparative Study, Author: Appasaheb Patil
Title: DESIGN & Fabrication of Electric Hovercraft, Author: Zeeshan Muhammad
Title: Distraction Osteogenesis - History and Current Concepts, Author: Shalender Sharma
Title: Relative Class Concept Learning in Rats, Author: Jason E. Warnick
Title: Cryptography and Chaos a New Approach in Network Security, Author: Kumar Aditya
Title: Sodium silicate based aerogels via ambient pressure drying, Author: Uzma Bangi
Title: Asymmetric Interleaved DC-DC Switching Converters, Author: Eliana Arango
Title: XML Integration into an SQL-based CEP Engine, Author: Prodanov Martin
Title: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)- The Facts about Primary & Secondary Care, Author: Muhammad Shahid Nazir
Title: Teaching sustainability: modern challenges, Author: Eugene Eteris
Title: Teacher-Student-Parent Relationship, Author: Fatima Bali Zemzemi
Title: Letters Home: A Jewish Chaplain's Vietnam Memoir, Author: Sheldon Lewis
Title: Optimizing Your Business Operations, Author: PMP Solomon S. Agbemenya
Title: Automated trading with Adaptive Reversal Parametric Breakout Strategy, Author: Muzychenko Alexander
Title: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Author: Tessema Demeke Afework
Title: Aux confins du Congo, Safari déchire la vie, Author: Ariel Mugisho Cirhuza Bahati

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