Title: Evaluating Peace Education: A Study of Nigerian Jr.Secondary Schools, Author: Titus Oyeyemi
Title: Understanding Graphics Design Using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Author: Okorie Goodluck S.
Title: Equipment Technology for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Author: Louay Abd Al-Azez Mahdi
Title: Teaching Strategies for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Author: Rajshree Vaishnav
Title: Restaurant Service Delivery and Customer Patronization, Author: Zulhan Othman
Title: Constitutional Developments in India, Author: Sunitha Kanipakam
Title: Crisis Management, Author: Marie Miku Ov
Title: Adam & Steve, Author: Annie Gitau
Title: Czechs in America, Author: David Bíróczi
Title: Colposcopy Diagnosis Made Easy Quick And Accurate, Author: Kavita N Singh
Title: Effect of ventilatory motor output on upper airway mechanics, Author: Abdulghani Sankari
Title: Geometry of GHZ Type Quantum States, Author: Uchida Gabriele
Title: French Geography: Charles Robequain and Pierre Gourou in Indochina, Author: Bréelle Dany
Title: The true face of Christ (Saint Veronica), Author: Raymond Bernard Goudjo
Title: Fusible alloys Microstructure, Author: Abu Bakr El-Bediwi
Title: Influence of Rehabilitation Therapy and Pharmacotherapy on the Bppv, Author: Maslovara Sini a.
Title: Exam Review of Sonography Principles and Instrumentation, Author: Iqra Manzoor
Title: Early Use of Newer Agents for Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer, Author: Bernardo Goulart
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Title: Basics of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Author: Muthuraman Subbiah
Title: Post-Earnings Announcement Drift, Author: Tomas Tomcany

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