Title: Christopher's Science Magic, Author: Mary Jean Kelso
Title: Andy & Spirit Meet the Rodeo Queen, Author: Mary Jean Kelso
Title: So Silly, Author: Marilee Crow
Title: Littlest Penguin, Author: Karen Carr
Title: Saving Ellie, Author: Marilee Crow
Title: Angel Feathers, Author: Carole Bloodworth
Title: The First Reindeer, Author: Susan Barker
Title: Seagrass Surprise, Author: Christopher Hunter
Title: A Star in the Night, Author: Jennifer Gladen
Title: Dragon Amy's Flames, Author: Michelle Nott
Title: Kitsy's Mischief and Horses, Author: Emma M Glover
Title: Mom is There a Santa Claus?, Author: Susan J Berger
Title: A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear, Author: Mayra Calvani
Title: Dragon Feast, Author: Dixie Phillips