Title: Best of S. J. Perelman, Author: S. J. Perelman
Title: Camping and woodcraft; a handbook for vacation campers and for travelers in the wilderness, Author: Horace Kephart
Title: The Evolution of Civilizations - An Introduction to Historical Analysis, Author: Carroll Quigley
Title: Bergey's manual of determinative bacteriology, Author: American Society for Microbiology
Title: Colonial families of the United States of America, in which is given the history, genealogy and armorial bearings of colonial families who settled in the American colonies from the time of the settlement of Jamestown, Author: George Norbury Mackenzie
Title: Record of Pennsylvania marriages prior to 1810. [and,] List of officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania, 1614-1776, Author: John Blair Linn
Title: ICC IBC (2012): International Building Code (January 1, 2012), Author: International Code Consortium
Title: ICC IRC (2012): International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings (January 1, 2012), Author: International Code Consortium
Title: Kant and the problem of metaphysics, Author: Martin Heidegger
Title: God-man : the word made flesh, Author: George Washington Carey
Title: Phenomenology of Perception, Author: Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Title: Pliny's Natural history. In thirty-seven books, Author: the Elder Pliny
Title: Massachusetts Building Code, Author: State of Massachusetts
Title: AWS D1.1: Structural Welding Code--Steel (2000), Author: American Welding Society
Title: The Boomer Bible: A Testament for our Times, Author: R. F. Laird
Title: NFPA NEC (2011): National Electrical Code (January 1, 2011), Author: International Code Consortium
Title: History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, with genealogical and biographical sketches, Author: John Smith Futhey
Title: Free Negro owners of slaves in the United States in 1830, together with Absentee ownership of slaves in the United States in 1830, Author: Carter Godwin Woodson
Title: Didascalicon; A Medieval Guide to the Arts, Author: Hugh of St. Victor
Title: The pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, 1623 to 1660; a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns, churches, courts and other contemporary sources, Author: Charles Henry Pope

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