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Title: México en la piel, Artist: Luis Miguel
Title: The Naked and the Dead
Title: #Eldisco, Artist: Alejandro Sanz
Title: Mi Razón de Ser, Artist: Banda Sinaloense Ms de Sergio Lizarraga
Title: Holiday for Skins, Artist: Art Blakey
Title: A Notion of Causality, Artist: Dysmorphic
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Title: Cuadernos de la Habana (Notebooks of Havana), Artist:
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Title: Veredicto, Author: Eralides E. Cabrera
Title: How to Legally Beat Debt Collectors: Secrets of the Legal Industry to Help You Stop Foreclosure, Credit Card Lawsuits, and Void Money Judgments, Author: Julio Martinez-Clark
Title: Los siete matices de la culpa, Author: Sergio I. Carrera
Title: Isabel y Alejandra: Tras La Mascara de Internet., Author: Ana Patricia Candiani
Title: Gloria, Author: Julio Martínez Mesanza
Title: The Eight Plays of Christmas: A Series of Radio Dramas, Author: Julio Martinez
Title: Regional Inequality in Spain: 1860-2015, Author: Alfonso Diez-Minguela
Title: Los tiempos cambian: Historia de la economía, Author: Jordi Palafox
Title: Seven shades of guilt, Author: Sergio I. Carrera
Title: Free-Living Amebas: Natural History, Prevention, Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of Disease, Author: A. Julio Martinez
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Title: Mechanisms of Sensory Working Memory: Attention and Perfomance XXV, Author: Pierre Jolicoeur
Title: Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Cuban Literature, Author: Julio Martinez
Title: Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide, Author: Francis. Lomeli

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