Title: Verse by the Side of the Road: The Story of the Burma-Shave Signs and Jingles, Author: Frank Rowsome Jr.
Title: Natures Melodies: A Collection of Haiku Poetry and Other Formats, Author: Alfred Leonetti
Title: Loneliness and Sorrow Poetry & Haiku, Author: Juan Diaz Jr
Title: Collection Of Poems Vol 1, Author: Andrew Asjes Jr
Title: Gudbye Ni Rizal, Author: Juan C. Nabong Jr.
Title: Harlem Gallery and Other Poems of Melvin B Tolson, Author: Melvin B. Tolson Jr.
Title: Collection of Poems Vol 2, Author: Andrew Asjes Jr
Title: Butterfly with a Broken Wing, Author: Renfroe Edward Watson Jr.
Title: Poetic Letters from a King's Heart: Coolie's Heart, Author: Willie
Title: It's a Book Burning and Orange is the New Color, Author: Paul Mason Leiby Jr
Title: Love Notes from the Heart, Author: Charles A. Louis Jr.
Title: Modern Fairy Tales: Poetry, art, words, Author: K. Towne
Title: The Borderline Between Life and Poetry: A Complete Book of Poetry, Author: A. S. Minor Jr
Title: Let Us Talk of Basketball!, Author: John Janovy Jr
Title: Within a Darkened Mind Book I, Author: Ezequiel J. Flores Jr.
Title: Fruit for Your Spirit, Author: RJ Ferguson Jr.
Title: Carpool to the Moon, Author: Anthony Green Jr.
Title: Collection of Poems Complete Edition, Author: Andrew Asjes Jr
Title: Lost In My Mind, Author: John Jennett Jr
Title: The Collected Travesties of King Mooch, Author: Randall Yoss Jr.

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