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Title: The Occultists, Author: Polly Schattel
Title: We Can Never Leave This Place, Author: Eric LaRocca
Title: Joe Ledger: Secret Missions Volume One and Two, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: X's For Eyes, Author: Laird Barron
Title: Darkness Whispers, Author: Richard Chizmar
Title: Joe Ledger: Secret Missions Volume One, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: Wardenclyffe, Author: F. Paul Wilson
Title: Man with No Name, Author: Laird Barron
Title: Swift to Chase, Author: Laird Barron
Title: The Abyssal Plain: The R'lyeh Cycle, Author: William Holloway
Title: Ghostflowers, Author: Rus Wornom
Title: Keepers, Author: Gary A. Braunbeck
Title: Consume, Author: Kourtnea Hogan
Title: Bridge of Souls, Author: Greg F. Gifune Pre-Order Now
Title: The Rust Maidens, Author: Gwendolyn Kiste
Title: The Narrows, Author: Ronald Malfi
Title: Still of Night, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: Every Crawling, Putrid Thing, Author: David Busboom
Title: We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone, Author: Ronald Malfi
Title: The Fall of Never, Author: Ronald Malfi

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