Title: Project Monarch: Volume 1: Masonic Techno Color Key, Author: Joseph Ellis Pereira
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Title: In Defense of Jesus, Author: Joseph Ellis Jr.
Title: Caesar In Egypt, Costanza And Other Poems, Author: Joseph Ellis
Title: Providence to Dallas: a brief trip to the Southwest, Author: Joseph Ellis Coffee Farnham
Title: Joseph. Good Friday. I Was Shot In My Head.: Young Joseph. My Uncles Are Going To Kill Them For Me., Author: Edward Joseph Ellis GR
Title: Walabookies: walabookies first adventure, Author: Benjamin Joseph Ellis
Title: Joseph Psychic Spiritual Medium God., Author: Joseph Anthony Alizio Jr.
Title: Caefar In Egypt, Costanza, And Other Poems, Author: Joseph Ellis
Title: Caesar in Egypt, Costanza and other Poems: Third Edition, Author: Joseph Ellis
Title: St. Josephs Patriot Missile Meets Your All-American Cheating Wifey Hoe.: God Breast Squirting Lesbianas Americuntes., Author: Edward Joseph Ellis