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Title: Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs, Artist: Blanco Brown
Title: Vanessa Paradis [Bonus Track], Artist: Vanessa Paradis
Title: Freebop Now!, Artist: Malachi Thompson
Title: Front Line, Artist: Jodie Christian
Title: On a Cool Night, Artist: Smith
Title: 55 Years of Jazz, Artist:
Title: Bop Lives!, Artist:
Title: In the Right Hands, Artist: Nash Shaffer Jr.
Title: Delmark - 50 Years of Jazz and Blues: Jazz, Artist:
Title: 47th Street, Artist: Malachi Thompson
Title: Chicago Jazz: Delmark 50th Anniversary Collection, Artist:
Title: New Standards, Artist: Malachi Thompson
Title: Unit 7, Artist: Mike Smith
Title: Mister Lucky, Artist: Al Green
Title: Rising Daystar, Artist: Malachi Thompson
Title: Soul Fountain, Artist: Jodie Christian
Title: Traveler, Artist: Mike Smith
Title: Sinatra Songbook, Artist: Mike Smith
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Title: We Belong Together, Artist: Linda Tate
Title: Time, Seasons and the Moon, Artist: Linda Tate

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