Title: Love of My Life: The Best of Dan Hill, Artist: Dan Hill
Title: Sophie Milman, Artist: Sophie Milman
Title: Falling into You, Artist: Céline Dion
Title: Her Very Best... So Far, Artist: Sophie Milman
Title: You Were on My Mind, Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Title: As Long as I'm Dreaming, Artist: Laura Smith
Title: The Collector's Series, Vol. 1, Artist: Céline Dion
Title: I Believe: Live, Artist: James Fortune
Title: Gift: A Tribute to Ian Tyson, Artist:
Title: Love Can't Tell Time, Artist: Murray McLauchlan
Title: Everything is Moving, Artist: Laura Smith
Title: Songs from the Gravel Road, Artist: Ian Tyson
Title: The Fundamental Things, Artist: Mose Scarlett
Title: Original Album Classics [2010], Artist: Céline Dion
Title: The Gardening Club, Artist: Martin Springett
Title: Where Old Friends Meet, Artist: Scarlett
Title: Stealing Genius, Artist: Ron Hynes
Title: Acoustic Eclectic, Artist: Ken Whiteley
Title: Earthly Concerns, Artist: Grit Laskin
Title: Blues Party, Artist: Chris Whiteley

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