Title: All the President's Men
Director: Alan J. Pakula
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Title: Donovan's Reef
Director: John Ford
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Title: Run Silent, Run Deep
Title: Darby's Rangers
Director: William Wellman
Title: The Verdict
Title: Used Cars
Title: ...And Justice for All
Title: Brian's Song
Director: Buzz Kulik
Title: Dirty Work
Director: Bob Saget
Title: The White Buffalo
Title: Crackers
Title: Carbon Copy
Director: Michael Schultz
Title: Billy Two Hats
Director: Ted Kotcheff
Title: Escape from Zahrain
Title: The Aviator
Title: Blindfold
Director: Philip Dunne
Title: So Fine
Director: Andrew Bergman
Title: Ed
Director: Bill Couturie
Title: Wake Me When It's Over
Title: Bye-Bye Braverman
Director: Sidney Lumet