Title: Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions, Author: Edwin Abbott Abbott
Title: Detached, Author: Jessie Hogsett
Title: A Short History of Scotland, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: The Underground Railroad, Author: William Still
Title: The Shadow Mind (The Frontenac Sisters: Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters, #4), Author: S.H. Livernois
Title: The Sea Wolf, Author: Jack London
Title: The Long Walk Home: When the Lights Went Out, Author: John Johnson
Title: Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas, Author: H. A. Guerber
Title: The Woman in White, Author: Wilkie Collins
Title: The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci - Complete, Author: Leonardo da Vinci
Title: Là-bas, Author: J. K. Huysmans
Title: The Sea Lions, Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Title: A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, Author: Bartolome de las Casas
Title: Anne's House of Dreams, Author: L. M. Montgomery
Title: Raffles, Author: E. W. Hornung
Title: Adventure, Author: Jack London
Title: Tales from Shakespeare, Author: Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb
Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Author: Lewis Carroll
Title: Selling In A Skirt: The Secrets Women Don't Know They Know About Sales (And What Men Should Know, Too!), Author: Judy Hoberman
Title: The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Complete, Author: Suetonius

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