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Title: Huon of Bordeaux, Author: Catherine M. Jones
Title: Reeds in the Wind, Author: Grazia Deledda
Title: Cosima, Author: Grazia Deledda
Title: The Miracles Of Saint James, Author: Thomas F. Coffey
Title: The Pilgrim's Guide To Santiago De Compostela, Author: William Melczer
Title: Women Poets of the Italian Renaissance: Courtly Ladies & Courtesans, Author: Laura Anna Stortoni
Title: Pilgrim's Guide to Santiago de Compostela, Author: William Melczer
Title: Contemporary Italian Women Poets, Author: Cinzia Sartini Blum
Title: The Fat Woodworker, Author: Antonio Manetti
Title: Gaspara Stampa, Author: Gaspara Stampa
Title: Italian Environmental Literature, Author: Patrick Barron
Title: Aiol: A Chanson de Geste. Modern Edition and First English Translation, Author: Anonymous
Title: Ancient Naples: A Documentary History Origins to c. 350 CE, Author: Rabun M. Taylor
Title: The Art of Commemoration in the Renaissance: The Slade Lectures, Author: Irving Lavin
Title: Medieval Naples, Author: Caroline Bruzelius
Title: Medieval Naples: A Documentary History, 400-1400, Author: Ronald G. Musto
Title: The Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin: Book IV of the Liber Sancti Jacobi (Codex Calixtinus), Author: Pseudo-Turpin
Title: The Downfall of the Famous: New Annotated Edition of the Fates of Illustrious Men, Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Title: Greek & Roman Hell: Visions, Tours and Descriptions of the Infernal Otherworld, Author: Eileen Gardiner
Title: Six Characters in Search of an Author, Author: Luigi Pirandello

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