Title: The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, 4/E, Author: J Anthony Vanduzer
Title: Getting Away with Murder: The Canadian Criminal Justice System, Author: David Paciocco
Title: Constitutional Law, 5/E, Author: Patrick J Monahan
Title: Employment and Labour Law Toolbox, 2/E: What Ontario Employers Need to Know, Author: Paul Wearing
Title: Intellectual Property Law (Canadian), Author: David Vaver
Title: The Companies We Keep: Corporate Governance in a Democratic Society, Author: Allan C. Hutchinson
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Title: The Law of Contracts, 3/E, Author: John McCamus
Title: Criminal Procedure 4/E, Author: Steve Coughlan
Title: The Law of Evidence, 8/E, Author: David Paciocco
Title: The Death of a Butterfly: Mental Health Court Diaries, Author: Richard D Schneider
Title: Youth Criminal Justice Law, 3/E, Author: Nicholas Bala
Title: Criminal Law, 7/E, Author: Kent Roach
Title: The Supreme Court on Trial: Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue, Author: Kent Roach
Title: Anatomy of an Election: Canada's Federal General Election of 2019 Through the Lens of Political Law, Author: Gregory Tardi
Title: Constitutional Law / Edition 4, Author: Patrick J. Monahan
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Title: Statutory Interpretation 3/E, Author: Ruth Sullivan