Title: Queen of Coin and Whispers: A kingdom of secrets and a game of lies, Author: Helen Corcoran
Title: The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends, Author: Una Leavy
Title: The Woman of the House, Author: Alice Taylor
Title: Margo: Queen of Country & Irish: The Promise and the Dream, Author: Margaret O'Donnell
Title: Epic, Author: Conor Kostick
Title: Mollie On The March, Author: Anna Carey
Title: Strongbow: The Story of Richard and Aoife, Author: Morgan Llywelyn
NOOK Book $6.49 $7.49 Current price is $6.49, Original price is $7.49.
Title: To Hell or Barbados: The ethnic cleansing of Ireland, Author: Sean O'Callaghan
Title: Best-Loved Irish Legends, Author: Eithne Massey
Title: Edda, Author: Conor Kostick
NOOK Book $6.49 $7.49 Current price is $6.49, Original price is $7.49.
Title: Saga, Author: Conor Kostick
Title: Icebound In The Arctic: The Mystery of Captain Francis Crozier and the Franklin Expedition, Author: Michael Smith
Title: The Scrapper, Author: Brendan O'Carroll
Title: Spirit of the Titanic, Author: Nicola Pierce
Title: Granuaile: Pirate Queen, Author: Morgan Llywelyn
Title: See If I Care, Author: Judi Curtin
NOOK Book $6.49 $7.49 Current price is $6.49, Original price is $7.49.
Title: The Children of Lir: Ireland's Favourite Legend, Author: Laura Ruth Maher
Title: The Spiral Path: Book 3 in The Ayla Trilogy, Author: Matt Griffin
Title: Move, Author: Conor Kostick
Title: Living the Dream, Author: Daniel O'Donnell

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