Title: Ending Civil War: Rhodesia and Lebanon in Perspective, Author: Matthew Preston
Title: The Metaxas Myth: Dictatorship and Propaganda in Greece, Author: Marina Petrakis
Title: The Greek Media in World War I and its Aftermath: The Athenian Press on the Asia Minor Crisis, Author: Georgia Eglezou
Title: The Origins of Air War: Development of Military Air Strategy in World War I, Author: Robert F. Grattan
Title: A Free City in the Balkans: Reconstructing a Divided Society in Bosnia, Author: Matthew Parish
Title: Military Intelligence in Cyprus: From the Great War to Middle East Crises, Author: Panagiotis Dimitrakis
Title: The Submarine: A Cultural History from the Great War to Nuclear Combat, Author: Duncan Redford
Title: Air and Sea Power in World War I: Combat and Experience in the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Navy, Author: Maryam Philpott
Title: Maritime History and Identity: The Sea and Culture in the Modern World, Author: Duncan Redford
Title: Terrorism and Global Disorder: Political Violence in the Contemporary World, Author: Adrian Guelke
Title: The WRNS in Wartime: The Women's Royal Naval Service 1917-1945, Author: Hannah Roberts
Title: The Greek Civil War: Strategy, Counterinsurgency and the Monarchy, Author: Spyridon Plakoudas
Title: Altered Memories of the Great War: Divergent Narratives of Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Author: Mark David Sheftall
Title: War and the Media: Reportage and Propaganda, 1900-2003, Author: Mark Connelly
Title: The Arts as a Weapon of War: Britain and the Shaping of National Morale in World War II, Author: Jorn Weingartner
Title: Mussolini's Greek Island: Fascism and the Italian Occupation of Syros in World War II, Author: Sheila Lecoeur
Title: Special Operations in Norway: SOE and Resistance in World War II, Author: Ian Herrington
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Title: Chaplains at War: The Role of Clergymen During World War II, Author: Alan Robinson