Title: Revolution in a Chinese Village: Ten Mile Inn, Author: David Crook
Title: The Political Element in the Development of Economic Theory: A Collection of Essays on Methodology, Author: Gunnar Myrdal
Title: Mission of the University, Author: Jose Ortega y Gasset
Title: William Dilthey / Edition 1, Author: M. A. Hodges
Title: The American Science of Politics: Its Origins and Conditions, Author: Bernard Crick
Title: Plan for Reconstruction, Author: W.H. Hutt
Title: Economics of Development in Village India, Author: M. R. Haswell
Title: Revolution in a Chinese Village: Ten Mile Inn / Edition 1, Author: David Crook
Title: India's Changing Villages / Edition 1, Author: S.C. Dube
Title: Population and Society in the Arab East, Author: Gabriel Baer
Title: Mobile Lives / Edition 1, Author: Anthony Elliott
Title: After Method: Mess in Social Science Research / Edition 1, Author: John Law
Title: Tradition and Economy in Village India, Author: K. Ishwaran
Title: Sociology of Postmodernism / Edition 1, Author: Dr Scott Lash
Title: The Framework of Human Behaviour, Author: Julian Blackburn
Title: The Analysis of Political Systems, Author: Douglas V. Verney
Title: Key Problems of Sociological Theory, Author: John Rex
Title: Complexity and Social Movements: Multitudes at the Edge of Chaos, Author: Graeme Chesters
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Title: Shivapur:South Ind Vill Ils 71, Author: K. Ishwaran
Title: Youth & Social Order Ils 149, Author: Frank Musgrove
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