Title: The Sociology of Behaviour and Psychology, Author: Neil J Smelser
Title: Social Theory and Methodology, Author: Leslie Sklair
Title: The Sociology of Gender and the Family, Author: Alva Myrdal
Title: Social Theory & Method 16v:Ils / Edition 1, Author: John Foubert
Title: Economics and Society / Edition 1, Author: Gunnar Myrdal
Title: The Sociology of Culture / Edition 1, Author: Ralph Linton
Title: Historical Sociology, Author: A. Weber
Title: The Sociology of Youth and Adolescence, Author: E. M. Eppel
Title: The Sociology of Religion / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Wyatt
Title: The Sociology of East Asia / Edition 1, Author: John F. Embree
Title: The American Science of Politics: Its Origins and Conditions, Author: Bernard Crick
Title: The Sociology of Progress / Edition 1, Author: Leslie Sklair
Title: Values and Involvement in a Grammar School, Author: Ronald King
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Title: Patterns of Peacemaking, Author: A. Briggs
Title: History of Socialism: An Historical Comparative Study of Socialism, Communism, Utopia, Author: Harry W. Laidler
Title: Federalism in Central and Eastern Europe, Author: Rudolf Schlesinger
Title: Hong Kong: A Society in Transition, Author: I.C. Jarvie
Title: The Nature and Types of Sociological Theory, Author: Don Martindale
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Title: Peasants in the Pacific: A Study of Fiji Indian Rural Society, Author: Adrian C Mayer
Title: India's Changing Villages / Edition 1, Author: S.C. Dube

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