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Title: Understanding Scotland: The Sociology of a Nation / Edition 2, Author: David McCrone
Title: Haunting the Knowledge Economy / Edition 1, Author: Jane Kenway
Title: Race, Discourse and Labourism / Edition 1, Author: Caroline Knowles
Title: Qualitative Complexity: Ecology, Cognitive Processes and the Re-Emergence of Structures in Post-Humanist Social Theory / Edition 1, Author: John Smith
Title: Confronting Rape: The Feminist Anti-Rape Movement and the State, Author: Nancy A. Matthews
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Title: Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational Contercultures in Ibiza and Goa / Edition 1, Author: Anthony D'Andrea
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Title: Global Finance and Urban Living: A Study of Metropolitan Change, Author: Leslie Budd
Title: Reconstructing Nature: Alienation, Emancipation and the Division of Labour / Edition 1, Author: Peter Dickens
Title: Plan for Reconstruction, Author: W.H. Hutt
Title: The Social Services of Modern England, Author: M. Penelope Hall
Title: Sociological Knowledge and Collective Identity: S. N. Eisenstadt and Israeli Society, Author: Stavit Sinai
Title: Revolution in a Chinese Village: Ten Mile Inn / Edition 1, Author: David Crook
Title: Profsnl Task Welf Prac Ils 188, Author: P. Nokes
Title: Hong Kong:Soc Transtn Ils 55, Author: I.C. Jarvie
Title: Econ Dev Village India Ils 59, Author: M. R. Haswell
Title: English Pris&Borstal Ils 205, Author: LIONEL W FOX
Title: Populatn Soc Arab East Ils 68, Author: Gabriel Baer
Title: A Tale Of Two Cities: Global Change, Local Feeling and Everday Life in the North of England, Author: Karen Evans
Title: Adorno on Music, Author: Robert W. Witkin
Title: The People of Ship Street, Author: Madeline Kerr

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