Title: Understanding Scotland: The Sociology of a Nation / Edition 2, Author: David McCrone
Title: Stillness in a Mobile World, Author: David Bissell
Title: The Culture of Exception: Sociology Facing the Camp / Edition 1, Author: Bulent Diken
Title: Adorno on Popular Culture / Edition 1, Author: Robert W. Witkin
Title: Non-Representational Theory: Space, Politics, Affect / Edition 1, Author: Nigel Thrift
Title: Leisure, Lifestyle and the New Middle Class: A Case Study, Author: Derek Wynne
Title: History of Socialism: An Historical Comparative Study of Socialism, Communism, Utopia, Author: Harry W. Laidler
NOOK Book $55.49 $62.95 Current price is $55.49, Original price is $62.95.
Title: Measure for Measure: Manifesto, Author: R Pawson
Title: Consuming Places / Edition 1, Author: JOHN Urry
Title: Sociological Knowledge and Collective Identity: S. N. Eisenstadt and Israeli Society / Edition 1, Author: Stavit Sinai
Title: Teratologies: A Cultural Study of Cancer / Edition 1, Author: Jackie Stacey
Title: Brands: The Logos of the Global Economy / Edition 1, Author: Celia Lury
Title: From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology / Edition 1, Author: H.H. Gerth
Title: Discourse Power and Justice, Author: Michael Adler
Title: Sociology of Postmodernism, Author: Dr Scott Lash
Title: Risk and Technological Culture: Towards a Sociology of Virulence / Edition 1, Author: Joost Van Loon
Title: Multicultural Horizons: Diversity and the Limits of the Civil Nation, Author: Anne-Marie Fortier
NOOK Book $64.99 $73.95 Current price is $64.99, Original price is $73.95.
Title: Homo Ludens ILS 86 / Edition 1, Author: Huizinga
Title: Time, Innovation and Mobilities: Travels in Technological Cultures / Edition 1, Author: Peter Frank Peters
Hardcover $189.00 $210.00 Current price is $189.00, Original price is $210.00.
Title: Sigmund Freud - An Introduction, Author: Walter Hollitscher
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