Title: Imago, Author: N.R. Walker
Title: Desire, Self, Mind, and the Psychotherapies: Unifying Psychological Science and Psychoanalysis, Author: R. Coleman Curtis
Title: Linguae vitia et remedia (Antwerp, 1631), Author: T Van Houdt
Title: The Jesuits and the Emblem Tradition: Selected Papers of the Leuven International Emblem Conference, 18-23 August, 1996, Author: J Manning
Title: The Princess and the Fowl One, Author: Ian Preston
Title: 23 Manifeste zu Bildakt und Verkörperung, Author: Marion Lauschke
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Title: Imago Aegypti, Band 1: Internationales Magazin fuer igyptologische und koptologische Kunstforschung, Bildtheorie und Kulturwissenschaft. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutschen Archiologischen Institut, Abteilung Kairo, Author: Gunter Burkard
Title: Relly, Ogi Ogi and the Secret of Dragon's Teeth Cave, Author: Ian Preston
Title: Imagines, Author: N.R. Walker
Title: Emblemata ethico-politica (Antwerp, 1661), Author: GR Dimler
Title: The Emblem and Architecture: Studies in Applied Emblematics from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries, Author: HJ Boker
Title: Cultivating Connectivity Within a Fatherless Environment: Demonstrating the Father's image in the midst of hopelessness, Author: Joseph L Green Jr
Title: El destino no está escrito en los genes: Un alegato contra el determinismo genético, Author: Jörg Blech
Title: Red Dirt Heart Imago, Author: N.R. Walker
Title: Ikonische Formprozesse: Zur Philosophie des Unbestimmten in Bildern, Author: Marion Lauschke
Title: The 2019 Movement: Restoring the God-ordained destiny of a nation, Author: Joseph L Green
Title: Imitatio Crameriana (Nuremberg 1649), Author: S Modersheim
Title: Imago Aegypti, Band 3: Internationales Magazin fuer igyptologische und koptologische Kunstforschung, Bildtheorie und Kulturwissenschaft, Author: Gunter Burkard
Title: Symbolic Articulation: Image, Word, and Body between Action and Schema, Author: Sabine Marienberg
Title: Mundus Emblematicus: Studies in Neo-Latin Emblem Books, Author: Karl AE Enenkel

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