Title: Fallschirmjager. Volume 1: German Paratroopers, 1937-1941, Author: FranO<<ois Cochet
Title: Panzer IV at War: 1939-1945, Author: Paul Thomas
Title: Hitler - A Life in Pictures, Author: Bob Carruthers
Title: The Invasion of Sicily 1943, Author: Jon Diamond
Title: The Rise of Hitler Illustrated, Author: Trevor Salisbury
Title: Fighters Under Construction in World War Two, Author: Graham M. Simons
Title: The Destruction of 6th Army at Stalingrad, Author: Ian Baxter
Title: Hitler's Propaganda Pilgrimage, Author: Bob Carruthers
Title: Waffen SS on the Western Front, Author: Ian Baxter
Title: Rommel in North Africa: Quest for the Nile, Author: David Mitchelhill-Green
Title: Armoured Warfare in the Vietnam War, Author: Michael Green
Title: German Guns of the Third Reich, Author: Ian Baxter
Title: Leningrad: Hero City, Author: Nik Cornish
Title: Allied Armies in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1945, Author: Simon Forty
Title: Tiger I and Tiger II, Author: Anthony Tucker-Jones
Title: The Aftermath of Dunkirk, Author: Stephen Wynn Pre-Order Now
Title: The Eighth Army in North Africa, Author: Simon Forty
Title: Challenger 2: The British Main Battle Tank, Author: Robert Griffin
Title: Salerno to the Gustav Line 1943-1944, Author: Jon Diamond
Title: Wingate's Men: The Chindit Operations: Special Forces in Burma, Author: Colin Higgs

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