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Title: Wild Brother - Strangest Of True Stories From The North Woods, Author: William Lyman Underwood
Title: Not Peace But A Sword, Author: Vincent Sheean
Title: The Cannoneer - Recollections of Service in the Army of the Potomac, Author: Augustus Buell
Title: Indian Tribes of Eastern Peru, Author: William Curtis Farabee
Title: The Crusades, Author: Ernest Barker
Title: Catholic Or Roman Catholic? Twelve Letters To One Unsettled In The English Church, Author: Thomas J. Hardy
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Title: Illustrated Guide To The Trees And Flowers Of England And Wales, Author: H. G. Jameson
Title: Lucy Webb Hayes, A Memorial Sketch, Author: John Davis
Title: Merchant Seamen And The War, Author: Various
Title: A Duke And His Friends, Author: Charles Henry Gordonlennox Richmond
Title: Practical Farm Chemistry, Author: Tuisco Greiner
Title: Charles O'Malley, Author: Charles James Lever
Title: Instantaneous Personal Magnetism, Author: Edmond Shaftsbury
Title: Wisdom and Experience, Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Title: English Church Furniture, Author: J. Charles Fox
Title: A Manual Of Logic, Author: Benjamin Humphrey Smart
Title: Administration of Justice during the Muslim Rule in India - with a History of the Origin of the Islamic Legal Institutions, Author: Wahed Husain
Title: Roosevelt - Dictator or Democrat, Author: Gerald W. Johnson
Title: The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, Author: G. A. Henty
Title: Portable Lamps - Their Design and Use, Author: M. Luckiesh

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