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Title: The Ghosts of Blackbottle Rock, Author: Martyn Beardsley
Title: The Firebird Chronicles: Rise of the Shadow Stealers, Author: Daniel Ingram-Brown
Title: Gift, Author: Gemma Birss
Title: The Alyssa Chronicle: The Princess Gardener, Book II, Author: Michael Strelow
Title: Let's Talk About Elements and The Pagan Wheel, Author: Siusaidh Ceanadach
Title: Transformations: Stories to Tell in the Classroom, Author: Phil McDermott
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Title: Catastrophic Kings, Author: Andy Robb
Title: Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Menace of the Night Creatures, Author: M.E. Holley
Title: The Monster Hunter's Manual, Author: Jessica Penot
Title: Hyper Holy Happenings, Author: Andy Robb
Title: Ballistic Beginnings, Author: Andy Robb
Title: Voices of Angels, Author: Hannah M. Davis
Title: The Nemesis Charm: The Nemesis Charm, Author: Daniel Ingram-Brown
Title: The Invisible Hand: Shakespeare's Moon, Act I, Author: James Hartley
Title: Let's Talk About Pagan Festivals, Author: Siusaidh Ceanadach
Title: Barrier: The Other Horizons Trilogy - Book Two, Author: Mary Victoria Johnson
Title: Let's Talk About Rites of Passage, Deity and the Afterlife, Author: Siusaidh Ceanadach
Title: The Firebird Chronicles: Through the Uncrossable Boundary, Author: Daniel Ingram-Brown
Title: Charlee And The Child Angel, Author: Anna Jordan