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Title: Whoreson, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Martin Luther King, Jr., Author: Joseph Nazel
Title: About Courage, Author: Mickey C. Fleming
Title: Mink, Author: John B. Springs,III
Title: Trick Baby, Author: Iceberg Slim
Title: Thurgood Marshall-Supreme Court Justice, Author: Joe Nazel
Title: Souls Bizarre: Rich Kids Looking for Trouble Usually Find It, Author: Joseph Green
Title: Devil's Brand, Author: Holloway House Publishing Company
Title: Cry Revenge, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Letters from a Little Girl Addict: Stewart Remembers how Her Own Father Turned Her
Title: Fast Track, Author: Charles A. Harris
Title: Paul Laurence Dunbar: Poet, Author: Tony Gentry
Title: Jesse Jackson, Author: Eddie Stone
Title: Khomeini: The Shah, the Ayatollah, the Shi'ite Explosion, Author: Eddie Stone
Title: Snowfire, Author: K. Norton
Title: Gentleman Pimp, Author: Andrew Stonewall Jackson
Title: Battleground, Author: Roy Gordon
Title: Second Chance: Trying to Survive on Baltimore's in Famous Pennsylvania Avenue, Author: Jerome Dyson Wright
Title: Doing Time, Author: Amos Brooke
Title: As Far as Blood Goes, Author: Rochelle H. Schwab

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