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Title: Every Goodbye Ain't Gone: Nazel's Classic Civil Rights Novel of Black on Black Cruelty, Author: Joseph Nazel
Title: Harlem: A Facinating Tale of the New York Music Scene, Author: T. McCanlies
Title: Trickshot: A Colorful Tale in the Language of the Streets, Author: Randolph Harris
Title: Street Games, Author: Eddie Stone
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Title: Eldorado Red, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Black Girl Lost, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Pseudo Cool, Author: Joseph Green
Title: Sidney Poitier: Actor, Author: Carol Bergman
Title: Midnights Daughter, Author: Jesse Jones
Title: Willie Mays, Author: Mitch Burkhardt
Title: From Colored Water till Now: The True Story of One Woman's Struggle for Equality, Author: Mattie M. Lawson
Title: Kenyatta's Last Hit: The Final Book in Goines
Title: Baroness of Harlem, Author: Brett Howard
Title: Borrowed Moments, Author: Yolande Bertrand
Title: To Kill a Black Man: The Shocking Parallel in the Lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., Author: Louis E. Lomax
Title: Come September, Author: Yolande Bertrand
Title: Donald Writes No More, Author: Eddie Stone
Title: Treat Them like Animals: Women in Prison, Author: Rae Shawn Stewart
Title: Bound by Blood: A Beautiful Woman, Apaches and Buffalo Soldiers Equals Excitement!, Author: Charles R. Goodman
Title: Black Streets of Oakland, Author: Kelley Eagle

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