Title: Lover's Holiday, Author: Joyce Lezan
Title: Pocket, Author: John B. Springs,III
Title: The Nigger Bible, Author: Robert H. Decoy
Title: Black Rage: Holmes' Take on Racism, Author: Butch Holmes
Title: Blood on the Rhine, Author: Hurk Davis
Title: Midnight's Daughter, Author: Jesse Jones
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Title: Life and Times of Johathan Goode, Author: Randolph Harris
Title: Some like It Dark, Author: Kipp Washington
Title: Josephine Baker, Author: Leo Guild
Title: White Man's Justice: Black Man's Grief, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Donald Writes No More, Author: Eddie Stone
Title: Letters from a Little Girl Addict: Stewart Remembers how Her Own Father Turned Her
Title: Every Goodbye Ain't Gone: Nazel's Classic Civil Rights Novel of Black on Black Cruelty, Author: Joseph Nazel
Title: Senator's Whore, Author: Leo Guild
Title: Pseudo Cool, Author: Joseph E. Green
Title: Long White Con, Author: Iceberg Slim
Title: Black Girl Lost, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Black Champion, Author: Mary Turner
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Title: Madame C. J. Walker, Author: Cookie Lommel
Title: Buffalo Soldier:

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