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Title: Muhammad Ali: World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Author: Christopher J. Riccella
Title: Willie Mays, Author: Mitch Burkhardt
Title: Count Basie: Bandleader and Musician, Author: Bud Kliment
Title: Duke Ellington: Jazz Musician, Author: Kent Smith
Title: Joe Louis, Author: Rugio Vitale
Title: A Philip Randolph: Labor Leader, Author: James Neyland
Title: Althea Gibson: Tennis Champion, Author: Tom Biracree
Title: Katherine Dunham: Dancer Choreographer, Author: Darlene Donloe
Title: Frederick Douglass: Patriot and Activist, Author: Marianne Ruuth
Title: Louis Armstrong: Musician, Author: Sam Tanenhaus
Title: Chester Himes: Author, Civil Rights Pioneer, Author: M.L. L. Wilson
Title: Medgar Evers, Author: Jennie Brown
Title: Paul Robeson: Athlete, Actor, Singer, Activist, Author: Scott Ehrlich
Title: Barbara Jordan-Congresswoman, Author: Norman Kelin
Title: Booker T. Washington, Author: James Neyland
Title: George Washington Carver: Scientist and Educator, Author: James Neyland
Title: Mandela, Author: John J. Vail
Title: Henry Aaron: Baseball Great, Author: Richard Scott Rennert
Title: Harry Belafonte, Author: Genia Fogelson
Title: Elijah Muhammad-Religious Leader, Author: Maula Halasa

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