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Title: Dark Road Home, Author: Yolande Bertrand
Title: Griot, Author: Charles Pugh
Title: Charity Memorial Hospital, Author: Gina Fogelson
Title: Ivy: A Personal Story behind the Civil Rights Struggle, Author: Clyde Bolton
Title: Harry Belafonte, Author: Genia Fogelson
Title: Come September, Author: Yolande Bertrand
Title: The King Conpiracy, Author: Michael Newton
Title: Love's Silken Web, Author: Joyce Lezan
Title: Cannibals, Author: Thurman Hoskins
Title: Matthew Henson-Artic Explorer, Author: Michael Gilman
Title: Borrowed Moments, Author: Yolande Bertrand
Title: Lover's Holiday, Author: Joyce Lezan
Title: Supremes Triumph and Tragedy, Author: Marianne Ruuth
Title: Summer Place, Author: Virginia Ball
Title: Malcolm X: Biography of Black Civil Rights Leader, Author: Jack Rummel
Title: Harry Belafonte: Singer and Actor, Author: Genia Fogelson
Title: Memphis Blues, Author: Brett Howard
Title: Jesse Jackson: An Intimate Portrait, Author: Eddie Stone
Title: To Kill a Black Man, Author: Louis E. Lomax
Title: Vietnam Blues: Every American Who Fought in Vietnam is a Nero, Author: John B. Carn

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