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Title: Souls Bizarre: Rich Kids Looking for Trouble Usually Find It, Author: Joseph Green
Title: Iceman, No. Seven: The Shakedown, Author: Joseph Nazel
Title: Memphis Blues, Author: Brett Howard
Title: Cannibals, Author: Thurman Hoskins
Title: Ray Charles: Singer and Musician, Author: Norman Winski
Title: Sweet Peter Deeder, Author: Odie Hawkins
Title: Black Connection, Author: Randolph Harris
Title: Divorcee a Go-Go, Author: Elaine Stanton
Title: Pimp: The Story of My Life, Author: Jay Allen
Title: Man Called Trouble: A Black Gunfighter's Justice, Author: Jeffrey A. Poston
Title: How to Win, Author: Mike Goodman
Title: Mandela, Author: John J. Vail
Title: Second Chance: Trying to Survive on Baltimore's in Famous Pennsylvania Avenue, Author: Jerome Dyson Wright
Title: Conspiracy: A Plot to Destroy the Very Fabric of U. S. A. Black Social Structure, Author: Odie Hawkins
Title: Twenty-Four Seven: Street Warfare in Washington D. C., Author: Betty Burston
Title: Hurricane Man, Author: Omar Fletcher
Title: Where Have All the Little Girls Gone?: Aliens Kidnapping Twelve Year Old Girls, Author: Bagz Costello
Title: White Man's Justice, Black Man's Grief, Author: Donald Goines
Title: Doctor
Title: Death for Hire: Nazel's Southern Californiaa Noir, Author: Joseph Nazel

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