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Title: Nonsuicidal Self-Injury, Author: E. David Klonsky
Title: The AMDP System : Manual for Assessment and Documentation of Psychopathology in Psychiatry, Author: Matthew R. Broome
Title: Diagnostic and Management Guidelines for Mental Disorders in Primary Care: ICD-10 Chapter V Primary Care Version / Edition 1, Author: World Health Organization
Title: Handbook of Solution-Focused Conflict Management, Author: Fredrike Bannink
Title: Behavior and Medicine, Author: Danny Wedding Ed
Title: Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents, Author: Brian P. Daly
Title: Assessment in Health Psychology, Author: Yael Benyamini
Title: Handbook of Positive Supervision for Supervisors, Facilitators, and Peer Groups, Author: Fredrike Bannink
Title: Resources for Suicide Prevention : Bridging Research and Practice, Author: Diego De Leo
Title: The Essen Climate Evaluation Schema EssenCES : A Manual and More, Author: Norbert Schalast
Title: Family Assessment: Integrating Multiple Clinical Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Manfred Cierpka
Title: Why People Do the Things They Do : Building on Julius Kuhl's Contributions to The Psychology of Motivation and Volition, Author: Nicola Baumann
Title: Soiling in Children and Adolescents : A Practical Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers, Author: Alexander Von Gontard
Title: Now I Get It! : Understand Yourself and Take Charge of Your Behavior, Author: Johannes Storch
Title: Understanding the Dynamics of Typical People: An Introduction to Jungian Type Theory, Author: Richard Bents
Title: The Psychologist Manager: Success Models for Psychologists in Executive Positions, Author: Louise Kelly
Title: Professional Sexual Misconduct in Institutions, Author: Werner Tschan
Title: Enhancing Couples: The Shape of Couple Therapy to Come, Author: Kurt Hahlweg
Title: Sexual Dysfunction in Women, Author: Marta Meana
Title: Bipolar Disorder, Author: Robert P. Reiser

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