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Title: On Civilization, Power, and Knowledge: Selected Writings, Author: Norbert Elias
Title: On Social Organization and Social Control, Author: Morris Janowitz
Title: On Feeling, Knowing, and Valuing: Selected Writings, Author: Max Scheler
Title: Women of the Twelfth Century, Volume 1: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Six Others, Author: Georges Duby
Title: On the Practice of Sociology / Edition 2, Author: Pitirim A. Sorokin
Title: Karl Marx on Society and Social Change: With Selections by Friedrich Engels, Author: Karl Marx
Title: On Social Research and Its Language, Author: Paul F. Lazarsfeld
Title: George Herbert Mead on Social Psychology, Author: George Herbert Mead
Title: Gabriel Tarde On Communication and Social Influence: Selected Papers, Author: Gabriel Tarde
Title: On Self and Social Organization, Author: Charles Horton Cooley
Title: On Charisma and Institution Building: Selected Writings / Edition 1, Author: Max Weber
Title: Alexis de Tocqueville on Democracy, Revolution, and Society / Edition 1, Author: Alexis de Tocqueville
Title: The Early Essays, Author: Talcott Parsons
Title: On Collective Memory, Author: Maurice Halbwachs
Title: On Social Structure and Science / Edition 1, Author: Robert K. Merton
Title: Emile Durkheim on Institutional Analysis, Author: Emile Durkheim
Title: Sociology and Its Publics: The Forms and Fates of Disciplinary Organization, Author: Terence C. Halliday
Title: Georg Simmel on Individuality and Social Forms / Edition 1, Author: Georg Simmel
Title: On Symbols and Society / Edition 2, Author: Kenneth Burke
Title: On Work, Race, and the Sociological Imagination, Author: Everett C. Hughes

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