Title: North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons of Color: Iredell County, Author: William L. Byrd
Title: History of the Underground Railroad as It Was Conducted by the Anti-Slavery League, Including Many Thrilling Encounters Between Those Aiding the Slave, Author: William M. Cockrum
Title: Mrs. Dalloway, Author: Virginia Woolf
Title: The Consolation of Philosophy of Boethius, Author: Boethius
Title: History of the Lincoln Family. an Account of the Descendants of Samuel Lincoln of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1637-1920, Author: Waldo Lincoln
Title: Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War, Author: S. Eugene Clements
Title: A History of the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, with Genealogical Registers, Author: Justin Winsor
Title: Early Landowners of Maryland: Volume 6, Kent County, 1640-1710, Author: Robert W. Hall
Title: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Miscellaneous Deed Dockets 1857-1900, Author: Thomas G. Myers
Title: From Beardstown to Andersonville: The Civil War Letters of Newton Paschal and Tommy Paschal, Revised Edition, Author: Joseph E. Fulton
Title: Old Kent: The Eastern Shore of Maryland, Author: George A. Hanson
Title: A Destroyer Sailor's War: The True Story of a Destroyer Sailor's Life at Sea During World War II, Author: Jerome S. Welna
Title: Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops, 1755-1764, Author: Edward F. DeLancey
Title: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Orphans' Court Records: 1852-1900, Author: Thomas G. Myers
Title: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Miscellaneous Deed Dockets, 1785-1857, Author: Thomas G. Myers
Title: Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Land Records, 1711-1749, Author: June D. Brown
Title: Records of the Courts of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1684-1700, Author: *
Title: White Nights, Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Title: Halsey Genealogy Since 1395 A. D., Book Two, Author: David Halsey
Title: The Reef, Author: Edith Wharton

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