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Title: King of the Mountain, Author: Ester Wier
Title: The Fearless Leroy, Author: Osmond Molarsky
Title: America and the Robber Barons, 1865 to 1913, Author: Fon Wyman Boardman
Title: Championship Trail: The Story of Indianapolis Racing, Author: Robert B. Jackson
Title: The Hunting Trail, Author: Ester Wier
Title: The Story of the Common Market, Author: Katharine Savage
Title: Shrimp's Soccer Goal, Author: Beman Lord
Title: Gatalop the Wonderful Ball, Author: Hans Baumann
Title: Gingercat's Catch, Author: Cathrine Barr
Title: The Hero from Otherwhere, Author: Jay Williams
Title: Honor Bound, Author: Mary Alice Downie
Title: Lyncoya, Author: Margery Evernden
Title: Bicycling Through England, Author: Mark Roth
Title: Barbapapa, Author: Annette Tison
Title: Where the Good Luck Was, Author: Osmond Molarsky
Title: The Great Ghost Rescue, Author: Eva Ibbotson
Title: Hang in at the Plate, Author: Fred Bachman
Title: Let's Catch a Fish!, Author: Jack Stokes
Title: Road Race Round the World: New York to Paris, 1908, Author: Robert B. Jackson
Title: The Internal Combustion Engine and How It Works, Author: David Inglis Urquhart

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