Title: From One Birth to Another: Stories from Jaina Literature, Author: Sudhamahi Regunathan
Title: Meet Zippy, Author: Anitha Balachandran
Title: Superfoods for Superheroes, Author: Namita Moolani Mehra
Title: Inside India: Fascinating Food, Author: Shachii Manik and Ahmed Sikander
Title: The Ultimate Goal: A Former R&AW Chief Deconstructs How Nations Construct Narratives, Author: Vikram Sood
Title: A Scrapbook of Memories, Author: Ashok Chopra
Title: Served with Love, Author: Priyanka Menon
Title: Parliamental, Author: Meghnad S
Title: Ready, Study, Go!: Smart Ways to Learn, Author: Khurshed Batliwala
Title: Implosion: India's Tryst with Reality, Author: John Elliott
Title: 1984: The Anti-Sikh Riots and After, Author: Sanjay Suri
Title: Shahjahanabad: The Living City of Old Delhi, Author: Rana Safvi
Title: Lucky, It's Not Just a Christmas Story!, Author: Nalini Sorensen
Title: Pha(bu)llus: A Cultural History, Author: Alka Pande
Title: I Do! Do I?, Author: Ruchita Misra
Title: Zippy Messes Up, Author: Anitha Balachandran
Title: Meet Zippy Activity Book, Author: Anitha Balachandran
Title: Making India Great: The Promise of a Reluctant Global Power, Author: Aparna Pande
Title: Rachel Goenka's Adventures with Mithai, Author: Rachel Goenka
Title: Vickey Goes Veg, Author: Vicky Ratnani

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