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Title: Modi's Yatra to Power, Author: Andy Marino
Title: Love, Kiss, Marry, Fac, Author: Pankaj Butalia
Title: Najma, Author: Anita Nair
Title: Harper Business Omnibus: What the CEO Really Wants from You; Mid-Career Crisis, Author: HarperCollins Publishers India
Title: Hon'ble Minister Jagubhai, Author: Pravinsinh Chavda
Title: Dada's House + The Cable, Author: Sriramana Muliya
Title: Sleep Tight, Author: Annie Zaidi
Title: Baby, Baby, Author: Vineetha Mokkil
Title: Business Netiquette, Author: Shital Kakkar Mehra
Title: Neera: Poems Translated by Arunava Sinha, Author: Sunil Gangopadhyay
Title: Marathi Manoos, Author: Sujata Anandan
Title: Satyajit Ray: Storyteller to Moralist, Author: M K Raghavendra
Title: Uncle Musto Takes a Mistress, Author: Mohan Sikka
Title: Sri Anandamayi Ma: Mystic, Mother, Author: Swati Chopra
Title: Gangs of Wasseypur, Author: Anurag Kashyap
Title: 5 Things to Know and Debate Before You Vote, Author: Hindol Sengupta
Title: Before You Give Up on You, Author: Pooja Makhija
Title: Clifton Bridge, Author: Irshad Abdul Kadiir
Title: Harper Romance Omnibus: I Do! Do I?; Married But Available; Just Married, Please Excuse, Author: HarperCollins Publishers India
Title: A Permanent Position, Author: Satyajit Sarna

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