Title: Always a Hero, Author: Vivian Leiber
Title: Mr. Wrong!, Author: Mary Anne Wilson
Title: Overnight Wife, Author: Mollie Molay
Title: Gift-Wrapped Dad, Author: Muriel Jensen
Title: The Man Most Likely, Author: Cindi Myers
Title: Her Very Own Family, Author: Trish Milburn
Title: One Stubborn Texan, Author: Kara Lennox
Title: Marriage on Her Mind, Author: Cindi Myers
Title: The Perfect Tree: An Anthology, Author: Roz Denny Fox
Title: Down Home Carolina Christmas, Author: Pamela Browning
Title: Christmas at Blue Moon Ranch, Author: Lynnette Kent
Title: The Christmas Date, Author: Michele Dunaway
Title: A Randall Hero, Author: Judy Christenberry
Title: Emmy and the Boss, Author: Penny McCusker
Title: The Right Mr. Wrong, Author: Cindi Myers
Title: Marrying the Boss, Author: Megan Kelly
Title: The Marriage Recipe, Author: Michele Dunaway
Title: Three Boys and a Baby, Author: Laura Marie Altom
Title: Man of the Year, Author: Lisa Ruff
Title: The Fake Fiancée, Author: Megan Kelly

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