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Title: Bringing Systemic Reform to Life : School District Reform and Comer Schools, Author: William Malloy
Title: Power and Public Relations, Author: Jeffrey L. Courtright
Title: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Literacy Research, Author: Richard Beach
Title: Heroes in a Global World, Author: Susan J. Drucker
Title: Aging Literacies: Training and Development Challenges for Faculty, Author: Angela Crow
Title: Governing from Center Stage: White House Communication Strategies during the Television Age of Politics, Author: Lori Cox Cox Han
Title: Business Girls and Two-Job Wives: Emerging Media Stereotypes of Employed Women, Author: Jane Marcellus
Title: Digital Writing Research: Technologies, Methodologies, and Ethical Issues, Author: Heidi A. McKee
Title: No Safety in Numbers: How the Computer Quantified Everything and Made People Risk-Aversive, Author: Henry J. Perkinson
Title: Including Students in Academic Conversations: Principles and Strategies for Teaching Theme-Based Writing Courses Across the Disciplines, Author: Deborah F. Rossen-Knill
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Title: Swing Voting : Understanding Late-Deciders in Late-Modernity, Author: Philip D. Dalton
Title: Fissures in the Mediascape: An International Study of Citizens' Media, Author: Clemencia Rodriquez
Title: Datacloud: Toward a New Theory of Online Work, Author: Johndan Johnson-Eilola
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Title: Voices of Difference: Studies in Critical Philosophy and Mass Communication, Author: Thomas S. McCoy
Title: Crossing Boundaries and Building Learning Communities: Critical Education and Narrative Research As Praxis, Author: Glenda Moss
Title: The Wonder Phone in the Land of Miracles: Mobile Telephony in Israel, Author: Akiba A. Cohen
Title: From the Margins to the Cutting Edge: Community Media and Empowerment, Author: Peter M. Lewis
Title: Composing Ourselves As Writer-Teacher-Writers: Starting with Wendy Bishop, Author: Patrick Bizzaro
Title: Literacy and Education: Essays in Memory of Dina Feitelson, Author: Joseph Shimron
Title: Communication for Development: One World, Multiple Cultures, Author: Josep Rota

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