Title: Addiction in the Lives of Registered Nurses and Their Wake-Up Jolt to Recovery, Author: Carol Stanford
Title: Double Emperor: The Life and Times of Francis of Austria, Author: Chip Wagar
Title: Objectivism in One Lesson: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Ayn Rand, Author: Andrew Bernstein
Title: Holding Up The Sky Together: Unpacking the National Narrative about People with Intellectual Disabilities, Author: Ronald Bishop
Title: The Seducer: A Novel, Author: Claudia Moscovici
Title: Gerrymandering: A Guide to Congressional Redistricting, Dark Money, and the U.S. Supreme Court, Author: Franklin L. Kury
Title: African Religion Defined: A Systematic Study of Ancestor Worship Among the Akan, Author: Anthony Ephirim-Donkor
Title: Unearthing Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching: The Legacy of Gloria Jean Merriex, Author: Emily P. Bonner
Title: Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Wonder and Religion in American Cinema, Author: Daniel Ross Goodman
Title: Dance with Death: A Holistic View of Saving Polish Jews during the Holocaust, Author: Jaroslaw Piekalkiewicz
Title: Searching for Oedipus: How I Found Meaning in an Ancient Masterpiece, Author: Kenneth Glazer
Title: Catholic Social Teaching and Distributism: Toward A New Economy, Author: Michael Hickey
Title: Xi Jinping: Red China, The Next Generation, Author: Agnes Andresy
Title: When the River Wakes Up, Author: Alyson Quinn
Title: Journey into Darkness: An American in Hitler's Wehrmacht, Author: Lowell W. Culver
Title: Henry Mayhew's London, Author: Henry Mayhew
Title: An Intimate Portrait of Sidney Foster: Pianist... Mentor, Author: Imelda Delgado
Title: Becoming a Mensch: Timeless Talmudic Ethics for Everyone, Author: Ronald Pies
Title: Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power, Author: Laura Amazzone
Title: Fallacies in the Allied Nations' Historical Perception as Observed by a British Journalist, Author: Henry Scott Stokes

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