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Title: The Luftwaffe War Diaries: The German Air Force in World War II, Author: Cajus Bekker
Title: Peaceful Dying: The Step-by-step Guide To Preserving Your Dignity, Your Choice, And Your Inner Peace At The End Of Life, Author: Daniel Tobin
Title: Mensa Genius A-B-C Quiz Book, Author: Alan Stillson
Title: Genesis Of A Music: An Account Of A Creative Work, Its Roots, And Its Fulfillments, Second Edition, Author: Harry Partch
Title: Jazz: New Perspectives on the History of Jazz by Twelve of the World's Foremost Jazz Critics and Scholars, Author: Nat Hentoff
Title: An Encyclopedia of the Violin, Author: Alberto Bachmann
Title: Music At Your Fingertips: Advice For The Artist And Amateur On Playing The Piano, Author: Ruth Slenczynska
Title: Chasin' The Trane, Author: J. C. Thomas
Title: The Legacy Of The Blues: Art And Lives Of Twelve Great Bluesmen, Author: Samuel Charters
Title: The Complete Operas Of Verdi, Author: Charles Osborne
Title: 52nd Street: The Street Of Jazz, Author: Arnold Shaw
Title: Eric Dolphy: A Musical Biography And Discography, Author: Vladimir Simosko
Title: A Dictionary Of Ballet Terms, Author: Leo Kersley
Title: Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, Author: George T. Simon
Title: An Encyclopedia Of Quotations About Music, Author: Nat Shapiro
Title: Chicago Blues: The City and the Music, Author: Mike Rowe
Title: The Mensa Genius Quiz Book, Author: Marvin Grosswirth
Title: The Rommel Papers, Author: B. H. Liddell Hart
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Title: Jazz Masters Of The 30s, Author: Rex Stewart
Title: The Complete Operas Of Mozart, Author: Charles Osborne

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