Title: Vol II: From Reconstruction to the Present, Author: William Dudley
Title: At Issue (Spring 2020) (Set), Author: Various
Title: Writers Who Changed the World (Set), Author: Various
Title: Renaissance, Author: Tom Streissguth
Title: At Issue (Fall 2020), Author:
Title: Physicianassisted Suicide, Author: GREENHAVEN EDIT
Title: Current Controversies (Spring 2020) (Set), Author: Various
Title: 1900's, Author: Gary Zacharias
Title: Capital Punishment, Author: Bruce E. Thompson
Title: The Vietnam War, Author: Jeff T. Hay
Title: Confronting Global Warming: 5 Volume Set, Author: Debra A. Miller
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Title: Earth's Innovators (Set), Author: Various
Title: The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Global Viewpoints: 6 Volume Set, Author: Noah Berlatsky
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Title: What's the Issue?: Set 4, Author: Various